Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is about more than pure data loss prevention, it’s all about enabling your workforce to stay productive by focusing on how to reduce the time taken to get back up and running, saving money in the long run.

As well as floods, fires and other major disasters, business owners need to consider the more frequent disruptions such as hardware failures, security breaches and routine power outages. It is these unavoidable events that can cost organisations as much if not more, financial loss and reputational harm.

Varciti will work with you to design the best disaster recovery solution for your business and its requirements.

We focus on how quickly you need to be able to recover your systems (Recovery Time Objective) as well as how frequently you would like to back up to ensure that extra level of granularity (Recovery Point Objective).

Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

VDR is the next generation of disaster recovery for IT infrastructure. It is based on converting critical physical machines into virtual machine (VM) copies –allowing you to recover quicker from outages and switch back to an earlier point in time.

VDR enables customers to replicate data, applications and operating systems from their primary environment into a securely managed, standby cloud environment hosted in the cloud.

Users are then able to remotely login to their virtual desktops and access business critical applications and data from any internet connected PC or workstation.

Benefits of Virtual Disaster Recovery:

- Benefit from ‘Same Day Restore’ SLA’s
- Saves money by removing the need for dedicated failover hardware
- Systems and users can be back up and running within a matter of hours (4-8)
- Requires minimal ongoing management
- Employees can access data from any location
- Contributes to ‘Green’ IT by eliminating the power & cooling required for additional failover hardware
- No required changes to your existing storage or server infrastructure