Purple Wifi

In sectors such as retail, hospitality & leisure, one of the key determining factors of which WiFi provider to choose, is the ability to add value. Purple WiFi is completely cloud based and offers stability to deliver on opportunities across the scale. It is a powerful, secure and feature packed platform, with features such as social login, footfall tracking, enhanced social media interaction, content filtering and real-time insight and analytics. Fully compatible with Ruckus Wireless & TP-Link you can provide your customers with the most advanced hotspot solution ranging from hotels to single outlets to shopping centres to a multi-site retailer.

Advantages of Purple WiFi:

1. Social WiFi Login & Push Marketing:

Access to Purple WiFi is via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users are asked to like or follow your page to gain access and have the option to post a message of your choosing to their timeline. This provides a wealth of social exposure and continuous marketing to your customers and their connections.

2. WiFi Data & Analytics:

Purple WiFi collects a range of invaluable data through the social media integration or form based login, including email, location, gender and age to mention a few. All of this can be accessed in real time through the Purple Portal tool which provides a wealth of reporting about your users. You can also segment and monitor activity, including WiFi usage, number of visits and social media reach.

3. Content Filtering:

When you supply a wifi hotspot, there are legal requirements which you must comply with. All Purple WiFi solutions provide legally compliant guest WiFi – holding data in line with legal requirements and logging all URLs that are visited.

Purple WiFi services include content filtering with a regularly updated blacklist of URLs to create family friendly WiFi access. Purple WiFi is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation regularly blocking IWF blacklisted URLs to ensure this content cannot be viewed by Purple WiFi users.

4. WiFi Marketing:

Purple WiFi collects demographic information, which can be used to segment and actively market to your customers. Venues can create and distribute voucher promotions to customers, tailored using this information. In-built marketing tools can be used to send professional email vouchers, keeping loyal customers engaged with your latest promotions.

Within the Purple Portal, you can personalise your customer log in page to include your logo and brand colours. Your unique branded landing page can also support current offers and promotions, or provide suppliers and partners with promotional space to drive customer loyalty, repeat visits and ultimately sales.