Drax Technology


  1. Versatile alarm management software that facilitates the integration, management and control of one or more standalone alarm systems.

About AMX:-

  1. Modern buildings often employ several standalone systems such as fire detection, access control, intruder and plant monitoring. Many of these systems require time consuming, demanding and expensive individual monitoring and control particularly if they are geographically remote.
  2. Today’s world is becoming increasingly “Connected” and smart phones tablets and laptops are easily accessed and used by many people from almost any location. AMX and its peripheral interfaces can now extend access to alarm systems situated anywhere in the world to those needing to monitor or control alarms remotely.
  3. AMX can integrate these existing standalone systems in to one straightforward, manageable, and convenient system without compromising the individual system’s integrity
  4. By fully integrating systems and centralising both control and monitoring, integrated systems technology efficiently delivers great cost, safety, security and environmental benefits.
  5. AMX can even integrate systems from different manufacturers and present information in a single display format configured to suit the user

Who could benefit?

  1. Estates or Facilities Managers
  2. Security Staff
  3. Building Owners or “Premises Management”
  4. Alarm Maintenance Companies