Protect your information

    With company information being more important than ever, it's essential that you're protected from thieves who seek to damage equipment or steal valuable information that your company depends upon. The best deterrent for theft is the use of CCTV also known as video surveillance. It's been reported that surveillance systems have resulted in a 51% decrease in crime. They can be used externally such as car parks or entrance to your building, or they can be used internally in the case of break ins or in house theft.

    Video surveillance can be one of the most challenging workflows for storage systems. When you take in to account the number of cameras, video format, framte rate, video compression and retention days, the amount of data being stored can quickly become very large.

    What can we do for you?

    Varciti can provide you with top of the range video servers and storage appliances which are optimised specifically for CCTV surveillance. These servers are based on the industry open platform so you aren't tied to any expensive proprietary solutions. Our high performance surveillance solutions are the most cost effective storage solutions currently on the market which are also reliable and easy to install. As they are built from industry compatible components, they will work with your existing surveillance software and infrastructure.

    These servers can be extremely stressful on the computers you have and may not run at optimal performance. Varciti

    are able to provide you with computer systems with the correct specs to be able to run your server smoothly without any problems on the way. Having experience with providing high performance computers in the past, we know exactly what specs your computer would need to run as smooth as possible alongside your server.