SMaRT Cube -

Versatile interface that facilitates the integration, management and control of a large network of alarm control panels.

About SMaRT Cube:-

  1. SMaRT Cube is a new innovative solution designed to offer a cost effective remote alarm monitoring and control capability.
  2. Compatible with many popular control panel manufacturers’ equipment, SMaRT Cube provides a convenient way to transmit event data to one or more locations across the internet.
  3. SMaRT Cube works by connecting a serial interface to a control panel or to a network comprising a large number of control panels. Events are sent using internet protocol to Drax Technology’s AMX alarm management workstation operated, on or off site by either a, Facilities, Estates or Service organisation.
  4. The RS232 interface allows detailed information by device to be relayed as well as the status of the control equipment. Users have access to “real time” event information, enabling them to proactively manage many different alarm systems.