Managed Hosting

Are you interested in a solution that takes away the headache of managing backup media, guaranteeing backup success and satisfying your disaster recovery requirements?

Varciti offer a fully tailored solution that can provide varying levels of compliance to ensure that your physical and virtual servers, applications and operating systems are being protected at all times. We get to know your business first before recommending the most appropriate configuration to ensure that this meets your backup and recovery objectives.

With our managed backup solution, we deploy an appliance on site which provides the connectivity to your services and applications. These are then either backed up to local storage and then to the cloud, or can be shipped directly to the cloud removing the requirement for managing and maintaining the solution on premise.

All data is compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted before being shipped to our data centre to minimise storage capacity for retention.

One solution, that does everything

Whatever your requirement, physical or virtual, Windows or Linux, Vmware or Hyper-V, tape or disk… Varciti’s managed backup provides a truly unified solution to be able to back up and recover your businesses critical services and applications on any platform with ease.

Our solution covers the following elements to enable your business to have a truly comprehensive solution to satisfy any requirement:

  • - Backup
  • - Disaster Recovery
  • - Archiving
  • - Instant Recovery
  • - Replication

  • Talk to us today to find out how easily we can transform your backup and disaster recovery regime to guarantee recoverability and to minimise risk to your business.