Digital Signage

Digital signage is the use of electronic media to communicate a message or design to a specific group for the purpose of marketing. A digital sign usually consists of a computer or playback device which is connected to a large digital screen.

If a digital display is connected to a computer, the data on the display is able to be updated in real time via the Internet or network connection. Compression is used to minimize the file size as this helps to streamline the storage and data transmission. If an extra-large display is required, the system can employ mutliple screens to achieve this.

Digital signs can be presented in several formats:

  1. Text - Scrolling text can be used or text actively being updated via an external newsfeed source
  2. Images - Scrolling images can be used, usually in the format of digital advertisement posters. JPEG images are the dominant format in which images are displayed
  3. Video - Videos are usually used in the format of commerical TV advertisements. MPEG4 videos are the dominant format in which videos are displayed
  4. Interactivity - Interactive interfaces help to enage the users and helps the advertisers to gain an insight in to the customer behaviours. Combining Touch Screen with Kinetic sensors, it allows a two-way communication with the users. HTML5 and Unity3D are widely used due to the popularity among web developers and multimedia designers

There are a number of advantages of using digital signs instead of traditional paper signs. To update a paper sign, you are required to physically travel to the sites to change them individually, digital signs on the otherhand can be updated at will via remote control.

Digital signs do not require paper or paint which means they are more environmentally friendly than traditional signs. Unlike paper signs, digital signs are able to not only display visual content, but also deliver sound and animations.

Digital signs also eliminate the time and costs of printing compared to paper signs. They are much more attention grabbing for the customers which is useful if you're displaying promotions, information or news.