• Billy Royal

Billy Royal

Consultant (Extinguisher Specialist)

Billy has over 10 years’ experience in installing and maintaining Ansul and Extinguisher systems.  Billy has progressed from an engineer that completed the jobs to now being a manager who oversees then engineers, so is ideally placed to look at ways to make his teams worker smarter, earn his business more and improve compliance for the client.

He has been instrumental in developing the Application to make it as he says, “just work”.  So much so that with the role out of the application to his team he hit negativity when rolling it out and with 2 hours he was getting the comments of why you haven’t given us this before.  Now he complains when the engineers can’t use the app as he gets complaints, they cannot do their work – we have to remind him its not our fault the engineer didn’t charge his phone or iPad.  We cannot do everything for his team!