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Fully wireless, no cables!

wePresent Wifi Presentation System

    wePresent is a professional wireless presentation system that allows up to 64 users to collaborate and give a wireless interactive presentation from their Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet. We offer 3 models to choose from, the WiPG-1000, theWiPG-1500, or the WiPG-2000.

    WiPG-1000 Presentation

      The wePresent-1000 is a professional presentation device that allows a group of up to 64 users, to take turns in giving presentations from their Windows/Mac computer, Smartphone or Tablet. 

      The wePresent can be connected to any display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection, and can project up to full HD resolution. 

      When connected to a local network, the wePresent allows presentation from network computers and supports internet connection.

      wePresent can also work with touchscreens and interactive white boards, allowing the presenter to control the projecting computer on the touchscreen, wirelessly! 

      WiPG-1500 Wireless Presentation

      Besides having enhanced performance power, the 1500 model offers more interactive features than the wePresent-1000. These new features on the WiPG-1500 make it the perfect tool for creating an even more interactive, wireless presentation environment.

      In addition to all functionality the WiPG-1000 has to offer, the wePresent-1500 also allows users to annotate on-screen during presentations. Beside this, it can also project a virtual white or black board to annotate on.

      The WiPG-1500 is specially suited for (driverless) compatibility with your touch display.

      WiPG-2000 Wireless Presentation

      The WiPG-2000 has a faster SoC and internal memory which greatly increases speed and allround performance for all WePresent users.

      The WiPG-2000 incorporates all functions of the WiPG-1000 and all interactive features of the WiPG-1500. Besides this, the WiPG-2000 brings some usefull new features to your wireless presentation environment.

      Connect WiPG-2000 to an interactive display or projector and it will create the ultimate wireless and interactive collaboration environment.

      The WiPG-2000 is now also fully customizable! Personalize your WePresent 2000 to suit the visual and technical identity of your company.