Protect & Secure
your business from online threats

Email Security & Filtering

  • AVG Anti-Spam

    Steer your customers clear of scams and spam while saving yourself time in the process. 
    Easy-to-navigate settings offer comprehensive protection against unwanted mail, viruses, phishing attacks, and other email threats.

    • - Blocks unwanted email in the cloud before it hits the customer’s network
    • - Also blocks outbound email that contains spam or viruses, keeping your customers from inadvertently spamming their contacts
    • - Provides ten levels of protection and stays up to date automatically
    • - Spools inbound emails for ten days, which means that a customer’s local server outage doesn’t have to mean a major disruption

    AVG Email Archive

    Reduce reliance on local storage by automatically capturing all incoming and outgoing mail so that every message can be safely stored and retrieved by your customer at any time without the need to contact you.

    • - Provides email continuity to your customers by giving them on-demand access to email from any location, even if their internal server is down
    • - Offers protected and encrypted long-term storage while filtering for spam and viruses in the process
    • - Gives your customers the tools to search any email or attachment within the archive on multiple levels

    AVG Encrypted Email

    Give your customers an additional level of protection from security breaches and identity theft with encrypted outbound emails. Features a cloud-based secure network trusted by global financial institutions and a transparent experience for your customers that’s both highly effective and easy to use.

    • - Encrypted email is maintained in SysTrust-certified and SAS-70 type II Data Centers
    • - Deploys easily without additional hardware, software, or training—and saves time with automatic updates
    • - Encrypt based on policy and regulatory compliance, along encryption based on subject line keywords, recipients, domains, and more
    • - Covers PC-to-PC encryption and mobile devices as well
    • - Emails that are sent un-encrypted can be automatically encrypted, re-routed, or blocked if they do not comply with policy